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Here are our reports from the Erasmus+, European funded project, The Dyslexia Compass. There are reports from each step of the project, and additional papers supporting the outcome of the projects. The findings of these reports are the basis of our findings, and the main contribution to the tool that is The Dyslexia Compass.

IO1: National Dyslexia Measurements Across Europe

The report will present, synthesize, and make sense of, data collected from desk research and focus group discussions from around the European Union and beyond. These data have been chosen through both business and academic research methodologies, and the needs of dyslexic people themselves. Overall, the report highlights key areas of interest for those interested in systematizing coherent and consistent dyslexia detection and measurement across borders.

IO2: Cross Border Practices in Dyslexia Assessment​

This report records and collates three categories of information:
The first looks into diagnosticians understanding of and responses to different “official” definitions of dyslexia, and shows whether diagnosticians from around Europe see dyslexia in the same way. The second investigates what elements of dyslexia those diagnosticians are testing for and how they test for them, showing whether they’re testing for the same thing in the same ways. The third looks at how they interpret these different elements of dyslexia, and how consistent or inconsistent they understand these elements.

IO2: The Guide

This offers a guide to understanding what the key elements of an dyslexia assessment consist of, why the elements are parts of the assessments and how the different key elements is emphasized in an assessment. This is based on what the assessors themselves see as important elements, and are meant to give everyone a understanding of the key assessment of dyslexia.